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Ruthie's Luisant cream is fantastic! I've been using it for ten years.  I'm 56 and am always mistaken for early forties. It smells and feels  wonderful on my skin. Worth every penny!! 

Kim E    

"I believe in your products, look what they have done to my skin" Marie S

 "I am now using my third jar of  Luisant Night Cream. It has had a marvelous effect on my skin. So much  so that my dermatologist told me, "You have very healthy skin". She'd  never made a comment like that before i started using Luisant. I find  the cream spreads easily and absorbs quickly into my skin. It has a very  pleasant aroma. My skin feels refreshed after i use it." 

Frances V 

"I  will not leave home for an evening without my Luisant Night Cream. It  is not only a fabulous moisturizer, but sometimes even heals blemishes! I  feel safe using it knowing only the purest ingredients are inside." 

Danna W